Perfectly Optimised Scientific Nutrition

PERFECTIMISED supplement stacks empower you with natural super powers to be your best.With membership starting from £400 per month (£250 per month on an annual subscription), our subscriptions are for health and performance perfectionists: an exclusive tribe that believes health is the true wealth. We are the "Saville Row" or the "Rolls Royce" of natural supplementation.We don't sell on your anxieties. We don't tell you that you are broken. We are not here to save you. If you want that, the entire market is your oyster.We believe in you. We have an inside out approach. We dial up your health/aesthetics/performance to 11, then set you on your path. On your purpose. For you to leave your mark and improve the world - as you see fit.With only the very best of natural ingredients from all over the world - from indigenous ethnomedicines (Ayurveda, traditional Chinese, Kampo, Siddha, Unani, Korean, mushrooms, African, Peru and South America, the Eurasian Steppe) to highly bioavailable vitamins, potent amino acids, peptides and isolated probiotic strains - our individually packaged, made-to-measure stacks are tailored with consideration to your unique genetic makeup, life choices, and ambitions. For the effects you want.We are only serving a handful of perfectionists in the Central London area.For an invitation to join the tribe, max out your potential and be your best, apply below.

Thank you for your application.It has been forwarded to the membership team.Merissa, Richard or Lanks will be in touch for an interview.